“Wesak Full Moon”

Wednesday, April
Full Moon in Scorpio 8 º 7’
“Wesak Moon”
8:18 AM EDT

This Full Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio. It is the Wesak Moon. Wesak is a celebration that commemorates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, and his passing into nirvana. (Will aspect of God.)

Scorpio rules Empowerment, transformation, taking risks, self-discipline, soul mates, debts resources, finances, sex and power struggles. During this full moon you may want to release mentally or through ritual any EMOTIONS (guilt, jealousy, judgments…) that is stopping you for your wealth and happiness. This special full moon give you the opportunity to see your hidden self (your shadow), that is ready to be seen and to receive the light.

This full moon burst into flames Mars and connects to retrograde Mercury. So be careful what you say or do, because it may come back and bite you!

On May 1, we celebrate the ancient fertility festival known as Beltane May 1. This is the time where we emerge form the darkness of winter, and the entire world is new. This is a magical time where we embrace life with excitement and joy and with connect with abundance while we enjoy the fruits of nature.

The Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio Full Moon is: A Dentist is Hard at Work. So root out what is old and decaying emotionally.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Scorpio:

  • What is my shadow?
  • What do I need to prune from my life?
  •  What do I want to grow in my life?
  •  What is the first seed I’d like to plant?
  •  What kind of environment would support this growth?

So what to do on this full moon:

  • Write down what you want to release and burn it.
  • Go to the beach and as you get into the ocean water release any emotion that is stopping you for your wealth and happiness.
  •  Breathe deeply the fresh fragrance of radiant blossoms.
  • Pay careful attention to your dreams and any symbols that come before you for the next several days. Your own inner teachers are wanting, trying to get through.
  • Light green or yellow candles.
  • This is also a great time for couples to tackle trust issues, especially if a secret has been coming between the two of you.

Angel to work with:  Barbiel shows you the brightest and the darkest corners of your being. Barbiel loves the forest, so if you want his assistance, light pine, cedar or sandalwood incense, or place some leaves from your favorite tree around the room. Also work with Archangel Michael to help you connect with your warrior spirit.

Affirmation: “I clear from my life all that weighs me down, holds me back, and doesn’t serves me anymore.”

Shamanic Journey Idea: Remember that the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward, Journey to the lower world and ask you power animals to help you connect/embrace/transform your shadow.

Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • Clear anything that’s standing in the way of you achieving your dreams. This includes physical clutter and negative thoughts.

Affirmations for Scorpio: “I allow myself to be found”

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


If you would like to have a Personal Growth Reading with me, you can contact me at shamanicsoulz@Gmail.com


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