Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
Saturday, December 10, 2011
9:36 AM EST
18º 11′

This Full Moon in Gemini calls for intense focus. Gemini Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, the trickster, the communicator. At this time, Uranus (the freedom urge, who has been awakening the pioneering spirit of humanity) moves direct on December 10th, Mercury (the power of communication) on the 14th, the Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st and Jupiter (the planet of expansion and excess) moves direct on the 25th.   

Full Moons are “Soul” driven; they can make us aware of our patterns and unconscious motivations. Lunar Eclipse tends to bring completion and endings. So this Full Moon/Lunar eclipse is a good time to letting go of old emotional patterns. It is also a good time to take inventory of what has change for you and to spend time dreaming in a big way. In addition, the approaching holiday season – and this Full Moon, in particular  remind us to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.

 Where does 15 to 21 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius falls in your chart? That is where the impact of the Lunar Eclipse will be for you.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini:

  • What needs to be corrected in your life?
  • What problems are revealed to you?
  • What direction you are headed?
  • What ideas am I filled up with?
  • What things am I ready to share?
  • What is your attitude toward life these days?
  • Are you flexible in your outlook?
  • Are you clear on what you live by and live for?
  • Do you speak your truth and trust your intuition?
  • What are you intentions for 2012?
  • What is Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse illuminating for you? 

What to do this Full Moon/Eclipse in Gemini

  •  Find a place outside or inside your home so you can meditate and contemplate.
  • Eclipses are power times, so create a powerful affirmation for 2012.
  • Use non-verbal forms of communication to fuel your imagination, aid you in telling your story, and help you understand the world – art, music, touch, dance, photography, even flower arranging.
  • Expand your horizons – get back into nature, travel or read about other cultures.
  • This is the perfect time to have social gatherings and have fun. 

Sabian Symbol for 19 Gemini: “In a museum, a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom.” 

The message is: unlocking universal information, verification of karmic conditions, seed-knowledge (the knowledge of the structure of cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life on this planet.)

 Angel to work with is Archangel Gabriel: He brings us good news in abundance. He is known as the messenger and holds the books of knowledge. 

Work with the energy of Archangel Gabriel through positive affirmations, reading and inspirational book or by writing down a question and reflecting back at all that happened at the end of each day. Did something stick out as a possible answer? 

Shamanic Journey Idea:  

Animal of this month Full Moon is the Owl keywords are: Wisdom, Mystery, Messages. 

Take the owl with you and journey to the lower world in Search of Wisdom.  

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon

  •  Things from the past – Clear this clutter and notice how your energy changes.
  • De-clutter your table tops and throw out old magazines, junk mail, and garbage.
  •  De-clutter your to-do list. Your email, your closet…
  • Pots, urns, or containers made from clay will enhance the Knowledge corner.
  •  Clean out any bad food from the fridge (bad or stale food kills Chi) and add fresh fruit to your dining room table bowl to attract an increased bountiful family life.

 Affirmations for Gemini: “I keenly observe, I discover, I discriminate.”

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.

 “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” W.H. Murray, 1913-1996 


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