Full Moon in 16º Pisces 19′ Harvest Moon

Piscisart by Sue Halstenberg.

Full Moon in 16º Pisces 19′
Harvest Moon
Saturday, September 8, 2014
9:38 pm 

This is the last of the three summer supermoons. The Full Moon conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) brings up some old childhood wounds for healing and helps us release long-standing patterns. Pisces is assisting us by dissolving and shape-shifting so we can become one with a larger truth.

Pisces is our spiritual teacher reminding us that the pleasure experience in the external world is temporary and will eventually disappoint. It reminds us that happiness does not depend on what happens outside ourselves, but what goes on the inside of us.

Key Phrase: I BELIEVE or I MERGE

Ruler: Neptune & Jupiter

Element: Water

Positive Aspects: Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate, and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic

Negative Aspects: Escapist and idealistic, Secretive and vague, Weak-willed and easily led, and Illusional or delusional from addictions

Body Parts ruled: feet (symbolic of understanding, illumination, and idealism)

Crystals: Malachite: trust, encourages change and emotional risk-taking, Malachite acts as mirror to the subconscious, reflecting into the conscious mind, which needs to be cleansed. During meditation, Malachite will draw out and reflect whatever is impeding spiritual growth, and help balance and release those blockages.

Animals: Boar: innocence and faith, gives freely of self; has universal good­will, simplicity, and fortitude; is reliable and has endurance and incredible patience. Have you been truthful with yourself and others? Have you been procrastinating on confronting someone or something?

Ask Yourself:

·  How am I blocking my own good?

·  What do I need to heal, release, or purify now?

Sabian Symbol for Pieces 17: An Easter PromenadeA symbol of “high moments” in life, when man challenges himself and renews his faith in circumstances. Self-improvement

Keywords: Rising from fear and loss.. Rebirth. Forgiveness.

The Caution: Superficial communal shows of unity. Craving for attention. Always needing an excuse to get together and unite. Empty displays of faith or joy. Doing things only because everyone else is doing them. Feeling lost, alone and forsaken in the crowd. Guilt trips. (From 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Linda Hill)

 Feng Shui Tip: Improving the Quality of Life

·  Take the time to go through your home (junk draw by junk draw – nook by nook and cranny by cranny), your office, your car, your purse and ruthlessly throw out all the things that you haven’t used and probably didn’t even know you had.

·  Lighten you’re load. Remember less is more!

·  Broken items or things that don’t work SEND OUT NEGATIVE MESSAGES so out they go.

·  Reduce, Repair, Refurbish your A/C units.

 Celebrate this Full Moon:

·  The Harvest Moon is the largest and brightest moon of the year.

·  Go out and allow the energy of this big, beautiful harvest Moon to energize your prayers and intentions.

·  Take an Epson salt bath to clean your aura.

·  Go to the ocean

·  Pray and Meditate

·  Use this Full Moon to look at what you cling to and your fear of letting it go.

·  This is a great time to ask, “What can I freely give away? What can I share?”

Mediate on this poem:

All the Hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadows and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.
Make a new water-mark on your excitement
And love.

Like a blooming night flower,
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

All the hemispheres in existence
Lie beside an equator
In your heart.

Greet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire

While stitching themselves together
Into the Great Circle inside of

— Hafiz

From: ‘The Subject Tonight is Love’
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky
From this site

Marisol Zax

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Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer
Monday, January 9, 2012
2:30 AM EST
18º 26′

The Full Moon in Cancer carries the vibration of mother, our feelings, family, emotions and memories. It represents who we are when we are at home. It is our true personality, the soul, the essence of who we are and what we bring with us lifetime to lifetime. Cancer is an emotional water sign and resides in the 4th house, the north gate of the soul and the spark of divine life that grows within the mother. At this Full Moon we are all called to find our divinity point and respond from that awareness.

Remember: the sign of cancer is rule by the moon so this full moon you might feel more than usual. So take a deep breath and let the feelings flow.

Dane Rudhyar Sabian Symbol for 18-19 Cancer: A priest performing a marriage ceremony
Theme: Invisible ties
Keynotes: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Taurus:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my roots?
  • Who is my tribe/clan?
  •  How grounded are you?
  • What daily tools keep you grounded and focused so the structure of your dreams takes form?
  •  Are you experiencing balance in your doing that supports a joyful, healthy life experience?

So what to do on this full moon:

  • Celebrate your own family tradition and give thanks for the nurturance and the lineage you received.
  • Tell your children a story about your family.
  •  Start a new family tradition.
  •   Volunteering your services.
  •  Listen to our own feelings and honoring them.
  •  Go to the ocean.
  •  Pamper yourself.
  •  Do a ritual to purify and protect you home. Use herbs, aromatherapy, color, your breath…

Angel to work with:  Muriel the Angel of Emotions .She will help to find your “true self”. 
Affirmation: “I am connected with my emotions”

Shamanic Journey Idea: Journey to the lower world: and ask your power animals to help you “swim” through your emotions.   

Animal of this month Full Moon is the: Duck teaches us how to get in touch with our deepest emotions in order to get to a calmer state. It also tells remind us is time to return to our roots and spend some time with our clan/tribe.

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • Use wooden frames and hang pictures of your family in their best mood in the family gua/area of your house.
  • Place healthy green plants into the Family Gua to bring stability and harmony to family dynamics.

 Affirmations for Cancer: “My loving nature opens all doors.” 

Embrace your divinity and your heart light; establish your connection to your ancestors, your tribe (Cancer). Make memories

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
Saturday, December 10, 2011
9:36 AM EST
18º 11′

This Full Moon in Gemini calls for intense focus. Gemini Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, the trickster, the communicator. At this time, Uranus (the freedom urge, who has been awakening the pioneering spirit of humanity) moves direct on December 10th, Mercury (the power of communication) on the 14th, the Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st and Jupiter (the planet of expansion and excess) moves direct on the 25th.   

Full Moons are “Soul” driven; they can make us aware of our patterns and unconscious motivations. Lunar Eclipse tends to bring completion and endings. So this Full Moon/Lunar eclipse is a good time to letting go of old emotional patterns. It is also a good time to take inventory of what has change for you and to spend time dreaming in a big way. In addition, the approaching holiday season – and this Full Moon, in particular  remind us to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.

 Where does 15 to 21 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius falls in your chart? That is where the impact of the Lunar Eclipse will be for you.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini:

  • What needs to be corrected in your life?
  • What problems are revealed to you?
  • What direction you are headed?
  • What ideas am I filled up with?
  • What things am I ready to share?
  • What is your attitude toward life these days?
  • Are you flexible in your outlook?
  • Are you clear on what you live by and live for?
  • Do you speak your truth and trust your intuition?
  • What are you intentions for 2012?
  • What is Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse illuminating for you? 

What to do this Full Moon/Eclipse in Gemini

  •  Find a place outside or inside your home so you can meditate and contemplate.
  • Eclipses are power times, so create a powerful affirmation for 2012.
  • Use non-verbal forms of communication to fuel your imagination, aid you in telling your story, and help you understand the world – art, music, touch, dance, photography, even flower arranging.
  • Expand your horizons – get back into nature, travel or read about other cultures.
  • This is the perfect time to have social gatherings and have fun. 

Sabian Symbol for 19 Gemini: “In a museum, a large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom.” 

The message is: unlocking universal information, verification of karmic conditions, seed-knowledge (the knowledge of the structure of cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life on this planet.)

 Angel to work with is Archangel Gabriel: He brings us good news in abundance. He is known as the messenger and holds the books of knowledge. 

Work with the energy of Archangel Gabriel through positive affirmations, reading and inspirational book or by writing down a question and reflecting back at all that happened at the end of each day. Did something stick out as a possible answer? 

Shamanic Journey Idea:  

Animal of this month Full Moon is the Owl keywords are: Wisdom, Mystery, Messages. 

Take the owl with you and journey to the lower world in Search of Wisdom.  

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon

  •  Things from the past – Clear this clutter and notice how your energy changes.
  • De-clutter your table tops and throw out old magazines, junk mail, and garbage.
  •  De-clutter your to-do list. Your email, your closet…
  • Pots, urns, or containers made from clay will enhance the Knowledge corner.
  •  Clean out any bad food from the fridge (bad or stale food kills Chi) and add fresh fruit to your dining room table bowl to attract an increased bountiful family life.

 Affirmations for Gemini: “I keenly observe, I discover, I discriminate.”

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.

 “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” W.H. Murray, 1913-1996 


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Full Beaver Moon

Full Moon in Taurus
Thursday, November 10, 2011
3:16 PM EST
18º 05′

Full Beaver Moon

This Full Moon in Taurus occurs, one day prior to 11-11-11 and it is helping us clean our energy so we can move forward.  Tibetan lamas and Hindu sages believe that, at Full Moons, energetic doorways can open, and receiving insights is easier. Just as the moon is made full with the opposing Sun’s light, so you can be illuminated too. This full moon asks that you look at your life and pay attention at the things that you need to let go, so you can move forward or move into the realm you desire.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Taurus:

  •  Do I feel free or am I weighted down by my “stuff” (people, places or things)? What am I hoarding?
  •  Do my possessions own me?
  • What do I value?
  • How are my finances?
  • Where in my life am I stubborn? And why?

So what to do on this full moon:

  •  Burn rose or sandalwood incense to help you connect with the energy of Taurus.
  • Go to the beach and blow on a stone what you want to release and then throw the stone into the water. Later go home and burn a green candle for healing and growth.
  • I just read in Oprah magazine that laughter active a part of the brain that helps us find clever solutions to our problems.  So, Loosen up… Laugh out loud!
  • Wear a Lazuli stone for firmness and stability.

Sabian Symbol for 19 Taurus: A newly formed continent rising majestically form he ocean. The message is to create growth by powerful decision making.

Angel to work with:  Zadkiel He will transform all negativity into positive energy, purifying you in body, mind and heart. This Archangel responds to the deepest call from your heart, no prayer goes unanswered, and encourages you to intensify this energy through your desire.

Affirmation: “I open my heart and mind in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the Universe.”

 Shamanic Journey Idea:

Animal of this month Full Moon is the: Buffalo: The energy of this animal is: gratitude, abundance, strength, stability, blessings, prosperity. He is a true reminder of the greater whole.

Journey to the lower world and ask the buffalo:  Am I ignoring the abundance around me? Am I missing the opportunity to recognize true blessings? Do I squander the bounty? Afterword, ask him/her to help you create a ceremony to honor your path on 11-11-11.

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • As we honor cycles and watch as the Mother Earth cleans house we should also begin to clear, cleanse and purify our homes.
  • Clean out your closet. Clean out your basement. Clean out storage units. Clean up your yard…

Affirmations for Taurus: “I calm and purify my emotions daily.”

What to do on 11-11-11: Use this energy of 11-11-11 to walk forward

  • Meditate. I found this beautiful meditation for 11-11-11 enjoy!
  •  Create a vision board. Use the Power of Vision to unleashing your Potential. (According to some estimates most humans access only about 19% or less of their actual potential. So use the energy of 11-11-11 to unlock and tapped the 81% left.

The sky this month:

 11-10-21 Chiron turns direct after 5 months retrograde

11-23-11 Mercury turns retrograde until December 13

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


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Full Moon Total/ Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Wednesday, June 15
Full Moon Total/ Lunar Eclipse 
in Sagittarius @
 24 º 23’
4:14 PM EDT

 Time to move forward with a new attitude and get ready for adventure!

This Full Moon/eclipse takes place in the sign of Sagittarius. This eclipse will be visible in many parts of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America. This Lunar Eclipse will affect us for 6 months and is close to the powerful Galactic Center, at 26 degrees. The Galactic Center says Carol Wiggers: “It is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration,”

Sagittarius (The Archer) represents the centaur (half horse, half man) with an arrow pointing to the stars, indicating the conflict of instinct and wisdom. The key phrases for Sagittarius are “I SEE” or “I PERCEIVE.”

Sagittarius it is always seeking the big picture that enlightens and gives hope based on the interconnection with all life. It is our universal voice; it is energetic and fast moving. So this full Moon in Sagittarius is about learning, growth and the emotional need for freedom and adventure, and with Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation, you can be sure it will require doing these things in a colossal way. 

The Sagittarian Moon represents the ideal form of communicating wisdom with compassion and joy. We are asked to let go of our outdated beliefs, especially in the area of familial, cultural and religious programming. A reevaluation of our long-held positions may need some updating under this full moon influence. In addition, pay close attention to intense emotions around this eclipse, especially in the area of freedom of information, personal freedom, and spirituality.

Wherever this Full Moon/eclipse falls in your natal chart is where you’re being asked to risk the release of old beliefs to make way for new opportunities.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius Full Moon is:

A Chubby Little Rich Boy Rides Upon A Hobbyhorse: This Symbol speaks about taking time to have hobbies, to be indulging in what sets your heart on fire, what gets you going, something that can have you waking up in the morning eager to do something that you love. If you don’t have this in your life, or you don’t give yourself enough time to be doing what you want to be doing, or you ignore the promptings of your creative self, perhaps you need to set some time aside to just do what YOU want, rather than feeling duty bound to do what others expect of you. Of course, we have to do what is expected in life that is a natural outcome of being on this planet; however, if we’re not satisfying our natural curiosity, creativity or talents, we can find ourselves wondering when we’re going to get around to doing it. This eclipse seems to be suggesting that the time is NOW.

Keywords: Hobbies and their pleasures. Unrestrained, imaginative play that can lead to truly wonderful creations, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Protected practice. Having to have one’s sexual needs fulfilled before one loses energy. Exercise, doing something because one can. Constantly going off on distracting schemes. Boys and their toys. Unrestrained passion.

The Caution: Someone spoilt and shallow. Feeling that one can take on anything without thought of the actual consequences. Playing when one should be more serious about life. Not doing one’s work, avoiding it by doing ‘fun’ things instead. Having no friends to play with.

To read more about this Sabian symbol click here: Lynda Hill

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Sagittarius:

  • What can I do to realign my mind and soul with my higher truth?
  •  What habits do I need to break? And what socially conditioned patterns of thoughts and/or behaviors are standing in my way of self realization? 
  • What things do I need to bring into completion?
  •  What or where will be/is my greatest source for expansion?

Celebrate this Full Moon:

    •  Use this eclipse energy to pray, reflect and meditate. Remember: during eclipses our thoughts are amplified.
    •  Gather friends and loved ones to tell stories of worlds seen and unseen.
    • Share experiences of other cultures or share your spiritual insights and talk about the paths and belief systems that worked and those that didn’t.
    •  Great night for a healing Shamanic Journey.
    • Go outside, be in nature and tune in to the teachings of Mother Earth.

Angel to work with: 

Adnachiel: is the angel that inspires individualism, free-spirit and honesty. Adnchiel is also angel of independence and guidance.

Adnachiel Affirmation: “My individual freedom and independence stimulate my confidence and happiness.”

Shamanic Journey Idea: Remember that the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward, Journey to the lower world and ask you power animals to help you realign  your heart, mind and soul with higher truth.

Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • Add light or arrange your furniture in your house to create the feeling of expansion.
  • Check your Skills and Knowledge gua, which is in the front left section of your home if you want to cultivate wisdom and peace of mind.
  • Check for blocked drains: blocked drains accumulate stagnant chi and represent difficulty in letting go or getting rid of unwanted things in life (relationships, jobs etc). They represent a blockage that prevents you from moving on.

Affirmations for Sagittarius: “I enter the sphere of true perception.”

Eclipse Animations

Eclipse Details

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


If you would like to have a Personal Growth Reading with me, or to find out where this full moon/eclipse falls in your chart, you can contact me at shamanicsoulz@Gmail.com

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
Tuesday December 21, 2010
29 degrees of Gemini
0:13 am PST/3:13 am EST

 This year’s December Solstice is quite extraordinary. We not only will have a full Moon, but also a total lunar eclipse. Dr Tony Philips of NASA determined that the last December Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse occurred in 1378. 

We enter the domain of the Raven. Carl Jung deemed raven symbolism to represent the shadow self, or the dark side of the psyche. So by connecting with this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom. 

 So ask the Raven to aid you transform/change what you don’t need anymore and help you clarified your vision for 2011.

The Sabian Symbol for the full Moon and the lunar eclipse is Gemini 30: “A Parade Of Bathing Beach Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds.”

Some Keywords and Cautions from my book: The Sabian Oracle 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

Keywords: Being on show. Sheer attraction of beauty. Seeking praise. Displaying in order to get people to observe and/or evaluate. Beauty pageants. Bathing costumes and skimpy clothing. Beaches. Lifeguards. Beauty judges. Nudist beaches. Breast sizes. The mysteries of the feminine. Playing dress ups. Gatherings of goddesses. Mermaids converging. The water element. Recognizing superficiality and shallow behavior. Water nymphs.

The Caution: Using superficialities to win support. Giving importance to the issues of appearance. Neglecting the “beauty within”. Too much makeup. Flaunting one’s body. Not employing intellect. Leering, jeering. Lusting after the unattainable. Feeling like merchandise. Making superficial judgments.

  • Ask yourself:
  • What happen Nineteen years ago, on December 21, 1991? This was when we have a lunar eclipse that fell at this same degree.
  • What does the raven is whispering to you? 

What to do in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

  •  Take it easy. Don’t fight it – allow the energy to pass through you and release anything that wants to go.
  • Do a purification of body, mind (thoughts) and emotions ritual.
  • Keep your energy focused and clean
  • What a great night to bake cookies and make presents. Bring out the craft materials, paints, exotic fabrics, papers, beads, and turn your ritual into a gift creating party
  • Spend time in nature
  • Ceremony is most potent in the hours before, during and after the eclipse alignments, and at sunrise and sunset during each day of the Solstice gateway. As the energies are building, then disseminating, our prayers expand and multiply. 

This new cycle of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius lasts through Nov. 2012. These eclipses will help us transition from one era to the next, as they obliterate false beliefs and bring guidance. This is a Solstice to be remembered, a galactic initiation offered to all who are open to receive it!

 Affirmations for Gemini: “I keenly observe, I discover, I discriminate.”

You might want to join in these two global meditations:  

1) Details are in this inspirational 3-minute video: December 2010 Solstice – Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse Synchronicity 

2) Every month Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth and other titles, offers a global Full Moon meditation on behalf of the Earth. Here is the meditation she offers for the December Full Moon and Solstice:

Think about a public figure who is very successful in putting change into  motion. This figure could be one whom you like or dislike. The changes they are making might be in alignment with creating harmony on the planet. Or you might choose a person whose decisions, principles; policies are actually destructive to the planet. Basically, you are looking for a person who is exhibiting great power. Study their energy. Really sink into how they operate energetically.
You will notice they are filled with a passionate fire. They might be using it to create peace or harmony or they might be using it for personal gain.What you want to experience is how strong their inner fire or their inner sun is.Learn from them. And then, during the Solstice, start to set an intention to stoke the inner fire within you. As a spiritual community we must move into a place where we are passionate about making transformative changes in the world.
We must be people of power. As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun, we fuel our creative power in the world. And then let’s join our fires together as we continue to use our imagination to use our senses to draw down, to create, to manifest a world filled with harmony as if it is here right now. We have to be passionate and filled with love to fuel the power of creation. And then the pulsation of energy we can create together becomes strong enough to move through the world in a transformative way.
As we stoke our inner fire, our inner sun, let us join together on December 21 as a pulsation of light that strengthens the web of light we have been weaving together as a global community for over 10 years now. Let us transmit light and love into our global community, continuing to project good health and success into our circle, and empowering all of us to continue to flow with the new opportunities that are being presented to us as we flow into the change of season and the New Year. Transmutation News December 2010

 Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.

Happy Yule!


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“Harvest Full Moon”

Thursday, September 23
Harvest Full Moon in Aries @ 0 degree
5:17 AM EDT
“Harvest Full Moon”

 This Full Moon in Aries asked finish some part of your own story and then focus on what you want. Being true to yourself is worth more than denying your needs simply to keep the peace. Now at this Full Moon you will see clearly what needs to go and the rewards to be gained by making changes. 

In this fiery, cardinal sign of Aries there is a culmination of pent up energy waiting to spring forth. Intuition and creativity may be heightened, and personality, temperament, disposition, anger, physical appearance and individuality will be issues.

 Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Aries:

  •  Emotionally, where are you lacking independence?
  • Will you have the courage to be yourself regardless of the consequences of your actions?
  • Full moons relate to your soul energy. Ask yourself: What part of your soul story needs to be complete so you can heal?
  • What are YOU ready to gather?
  • What seeds will you take with you through the winter?
  • What do you need to bring into balance in the present so you can re-align what you want with your purpose?

 Remember: Your potential sits inside your soul like DNA sits inside your genes. You may not be able to see it but its there—waiting to unfold if you let it. Are you brave enough to let it unfold?

 Sabian Symbol for 1 Aries: “A Woman just risen form the see. A seal is embracing her”

KEYNOTE: Potentiality of selfhood: the individual is emerging from the col­lective and realizes self for the first time.

What does this symbol mean to you? 

The basis of these symbols is derived from Dane Rudhyar book “An Astrological Mandala”.

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • Now is the time to clean out all your purses, bags and wallets. Then go into your closets and go thru all your old purses (old baggage), you might find some left over treasures. KEEP THE ONES YOU LOVE / USE and donate the rest.

 What to do on this full moon:

  • Journal information that comes in dreams and meditation. You’re likely to receive messages from the subconscious and ascended realms during the eclipse period that will help you on your evolutionary path.
  • Work with affirmations and intentions about how you choose to be, grow and transform during this period.

 Angel to work with: Uriel

 Ask Uriel to help you metamorphose so you can align your present self with your with your future self, by choosing things you can do now that will help you yield the greatest dividends.

 Affirmation: “I am the pulsating radiance of new life.”

 Shamanic Journey Idea: Remember that the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward, Journey to the lower world and ask you power animals to help you connect/embrace/and become one with what you want now. 

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


If you would like to have a Personal Growth Reading with me, you can contact me at shamanicsoulz@Gmail.com

Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn


June 26, 2010
Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse
4º Capricorn 46’@ 7:38am EDT

All Full Moons bring matters to fulfillment and heightens feelings and emotions.  Eclipses produce stress in our lives as blockages begin to crumble followed by a feeling of freedom. Eclipses are about our Shadow contents, our own, inner darkness. Shadow work is essential, and looking at what we hate or dislike the most in others, is usually what we have alive and well (and untamed) in us.

On this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Pluto the planet of dead and rebirth is also at 4 degrees of Capricorn added energy is helping us to let go of the old so, like a butterfly, we can transform and open up to new ideas. Capricorn represents discipline, patience, and rationality. So in this full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn the value of sacrificing short-term satisfaction for the long-term goal is highlighted. 

Ask yourself:

  • What are my short and long term goals?
  • Am I in the right path to get what I want?
  • If not, what do I need to change?
  • Listen to your internal dialogues. Mainly listen to what you ‘should’ and ‘should not’ be doing.  

The Sabian Symbol for 4°46′ Capricorn is “Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance”, with the keyword MOBILIZATION. This symbol is about action. What does this symbol said to you?

Tarot card is: Strength (La Force)

  • The Daughter of the Flaming Sword
  • Card Number: 8 Ruler ship: Leo
  • Mythology: Hercules need for strength, courage and self-discipline. Potential for moral victory and mastery of life.

Native Americans believe that we are a union of animal and human nature, and through the blending of the two, we each find our wholeness. This is the symbology of the Strength card.

Strength helps us activate the healing powers within us. It gives us the courage to take stock of ourselves and change the things that do not serve or work for us anymore. So, this Full moon I invite you to take look at any behavior that you have, and decide whether that behavior is aligned with your current life. And then, use this Full Moon energy, to let it/them go, so the “new can come in.

Quote: When the going gets tough, the tough get going – Proverb 

Full Moon Ritual/Meditation:

  • Light a dark green, brown or black candle to represent this lunar energy.
  • Take a white candle of equal size, for cleansing and healing, and touch it to the burning flame.
  • Let the two candles burn down together and repeat the words, “Only when I completely love myself can my love tame my fears, and bring healing”

 Use this night to look at your own failings and see in yourself that which you hate so much in others.
Write down your dreams they will reveal clues to your unconscious fears.

Quote: When the going gets tough, the tough get going – Proverb

Magical Feng Shui Tip:

 Check your Creativity Gua: which is located in the right middle section of your home or office when you want to be more creative (dissolve blocks), start a new project, improve relationships with your children, get pregnant, and recognize miracles. Here is where you look to the future. Enhance with whites or pastels, fun things, music, arts & crafts, collages and things your created.

 Great eclipce you tube video to watch:

 Affirmations for Capricorn: “Self-realization is upon me” 

Note: This Lunar Eclipse energy last 6 month.

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


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“Wesak Full Moon”

Wednesday, April
Full Moon in Scorpio 8 º 7’
“Wesak Moon”
8:18 AM EDT

This Full Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio. It is the Wesak Moon. Wesak is a celebration that commemorates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, and his passing into nirvana. (Will aspect of God.)

Scorpio rules Empowerment, transformation, taking risks, self-discipline, soul mates, debts resources, finances, sex and power struggles. During this full moon you may want to release mentally or through ritual any EMOTIONS (guilt, jealousy, judgments…) that is stopping you for your wealth and happiness. This special full moon give you the opportunity to see your hidden self (your shadow), that is ready to be seen and to receive the light.

This full moon burst into flames Mars and connects to retrograde Mercury. So be careful what you say or do, because it may come back and bite you!

On May 1, we celebrate the ancient fertility festival known as Beltane May 1. This is the time where we emerge form the darkness of winter, and the entire world is new. This is a magical time where we embrace life with excitement and joy and with connect with abundance while we enjoy the fruits of nature.

The Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio Full Moon is: A Dentist is Hard at Work. So root out what is old and decaying emotionally.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Scorpio:

  • What is my shadow?
  • What do I need to prune from my life?
  •  What do I want to grow in my life?
  •  What is the first seed I’d like to plant?
  •  What kind of environment would support this growth?

So what to do on this full moon:

  • Write down what you want to release and burn it.
  • Go to the beach and as you get into the ocean water release any emotion that is stopping you for your wealth and happiness.
  •  Breathe deeply the fresh fragrance of radiant blossoms.
  • Pay careful attention to your dreams and any symbols that come before you for the next several days. Your own inner teachers are wanting, trying to get through.
  • Light green or yellow candles.
  • This is also a great time for couples to tackle trust issues, especially if a secret has been coming between the two of you.

Angel to work with:  Barbiel shows you the brightest and the darkest corners of your being. Barbiel loves the forest, so if you want his assistance, light pine, cedar or sandalwood incense, or place some leaves from your favorite tree around the room. Also work with Archangel Michael to help you connect with your warrior spirit.

Affirmation: “I clear from my life all that weighs me down, holds me back, and doesn’t serves me anymore.”

Shamanic Journey Idea: Remember that the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward, Journey to the lower world and ask you power animals to help you connect/embrace/transform your shadow.

Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • Clear anything that’s standing in the way of you achieving your dreams. This includes physical clutter and negative thoughts.

Affirmations for Scorpio: “I allow myself to be found”

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


If you would like to have a Personal Growth Reading with me, you can contact me at shamanicsoulz@Gmail.com

Full Moon in Libra

Glyph Copyright ABE

Full Moon in Libra
Full Crow Moon
Monday, 29 2010

9° Libra 17’ at 10:27 PM ET

Which direction to go in? 

The Full Moon is a time for things to come to fruition or to reach fullness and is an excellent time to bring the parts of a plan or project together.

Where the Sun at 9° 17’Aries falls in your natal chart indicates where you are ready to start something new. Where the Moon at 9°17’ Libra activates your chart shows where you need to incorporate opposing views and desires.

 Today’s Full Moon is the first of three spring lunar festivals:

  • Easter Festival: The full Moon on March 29 (Libra/Aries) celebrating the resurrection and the ascension of the soul. (Love aspect of God)
  • Wesak Festival: The Full Moon on April 28 (Scorpio/Taurus) Wesak is a celebration that commemorates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, and his passing into nirvana. (Will aspect of God)
  • Festival of Humanity Goodwill: The Full Moon on May 27 (Sagittarius/Gemini), Divine Intelligence 

 These three spring festivals helps us gain better clarity and understanding of our life purpose and what do we need to do to  manifest them. This Full Moon in Libra may pull you in many directions. So remember, that your decision doesn’t have to be perfect—just pick a path and go.

Libra is symbolized by the Scales, representing balance, equality, and justice. It is associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the symbol of what we most value.  In this full moon keep yourself in balance too: get exercise, meditate, and drink water.  Libra favors twosomes, all activities done with partners are especially blessed, making this an excellent time for romance.

Question to ask yourself at this Full Moon in Libra:

  •  What do I need to let go of so I can find a partner who fulfills my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs?
  • What is my view of marriage?
  • What do I think is my soul purpose at this time?

So what to do on this full moon:

  •  Talk less, listen more and learn from every word and every action.
  •  Carry a lapis lazuli crystal and burn dark blue candles. Mental/Intellectual Manifestation
  • Try not to sit on the fence and beware of people’s indecisiveness
  • It is a good time to draw up new agendas and to prepare budgets

Angel to work with:  Uriel “The Light Of God” He provide us the opportunity to turn our worst disappointments into greatest blessings. If you are open to Uriel’s assistance, he’ll be there in a heartbeat.  He views his role of responsibility as one that manifests your quest to be your best; seeing to it that you shine in everything you do, just like the sun.
Affirmation: “I am of the Sun and never without the light of God.”

Shamanic Journey Idea: Remember that the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward, Journey to the upper world and ask your teachers to help you connect with your soul’s purpose.

 Feng Shui tips for this Full Moon:

  • This is a terrific time to refine your home environment, perhaps by using Feng Shui to decorate and design for inner harmony and peace.
  • Clear your clutter (for tips go to the new blog Clear Mind Over Clutter: Tip of the Day

Affirmations for Libra: I am eternally posed in perfect balance.

Remember that life is the ultimate adventure and a continual blessing. It’s time for you to explore, discover, walk your truth and live your gratitude in each present moment.


You can contact me at shamanicsoulz@Gmail.com

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